Empower children

to get their right to education, especially girls and the special needs as well as contributing to literacy and adult education.

Support and improve the quality of health services

to contribute to improving the health and nutritional level; raise awareness and build the capacities of medical personnel.

Promote economic and social empowerment

build the individual and community capacities, and encourage innovation and creativity.

Improve the infrastructure and environment

through constructing houses of worship, schools, health facilities, dams and wells; rationalization of water use and sanitation.

Protect the most vulnerable groups

in the community and provide them with support and appropriate care for their needs.

Network and cooperate

with local and regional organizations to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Develop the humanitarian services

to be of an international quality to preserve human life and dignity.

Who are we?

Almohseneen Foundation for Development and Charity (AFDC) is a social, relief, development and health institution, founded in 2010 with permit 

no. (440) issued from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MOSAL). The Charity enjoys a legal personality, financially and administratively independent. Its work scope covers all governorates of Yemen with the help of its partners. The Charity looks forward to being at the forefront of humanitarian action and development programs, achieving social and health sustainable development for the different society segments.


Contribute to alleviating suffering, improving individual’s lives, strengthening ties between all society segments, and achieving sustainable development.


Improve the humanitarian and living conditions for all society segments abiding by the best humanitarian action criteria.

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No.188008, at Saba Islamic Bank;
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AFDC Projects

Key Benefactors' Development Projects
Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment

AFDC has provided several small development projects to empower the poors economically. The number of small income-generating projects provided by the benefactors reached 405 projects in many governorates, at a cost of 299,000 USD, targeting 2,844 beneficiaries. The project was implemented in Sana’a, Hadramout and Hodeida.

Relief Interventions

Relief Interventions

For more than three years, Yemen has been going through an ongoing conflict crisis that has affected most of the country, forcing many people to flee their houses. The number of IDPs reached 3,000,000 by the end of 2016. 14.4 million individuals have become in need of urgent relief. Thus, AFDC has paid great attention to relief projects, implementing 50 projects costing 5,072,260 USD. The number of beneficiaries of these projects is 4,143,409.

Health Interventions

Health Interventions

The Charity has exerted significant efforts in the health sector. It has implemented more than 9 health projects as well as paying the cost of surgeries for thousands of patients and distributing medicines and treatments. The projects' cost was 3,163,000 USD, targeting 6,162 cases.

Social Welfare and Education

Social Welfare and Education

AFDC provided social welfare through sponsorships to many families, orphans and university students as well as paying debts for insolvent people and other charitable work. The social welfare projects have been involved in many educational and awareness programs and activities targeting the sponsored orphans and their families as well as providing the orphans with courses in Islamic Sharia. The total cost of social welfare is 2,421,500 USD.

Seasonal Projects

Seasonal Projects

AFDC carried out Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha projects for three consecutive years. These projects included Ramadan Iftar (breaking the fast), feast Zakat, and sacrifices. The number of seasonal projects implemented by the Charity is 23 projects. Thousands of people benefited from Iftar projects, and hundreds of poor people benefited from feast Zakat and sacrifices projects. The cost of these projects is 769,000 USD covering 2,261,000 beneficiaries.

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